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    1. Santander X Explorer


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    Crowdfunding Funding? Tools to avoid risks in your campaign

    1. Santander X Explorer

    Let’s start with the basics: what is crowdfunding financing? Essentially, it involves financial contributions that individuals, groups, or companies make to a specific project. The idea is that many investors make small contributions to help bring your idea to fruition.

    Types of crowdfunding

    Basically, there are three types of crowdfunding:

    1. Crowdequity: in exchange for their contributions, investors receive participations or shares in the company they are financing.
    2. Crowdlending: investors finance companies through loans in exchange for an interest rate. This includes companies that facilitate the financing of businesses by discounting invoices and promissory notes.
    3. Reward or donation platforms: individuals, in exchange for their contributions, receive products or experiences.

    Where to receive feedback on your crowdfunding campaign

    Okay, crowdfunding convinces you, and you think it’s the right financing method for your project. But before deciding on a platform and launching a campaign, did you know that you can test it as you would with an MVP, gathering opinions to understand how it will be received? This way you will not go blind in your actions and you will even be in time to change a few things. 

    The first thing you need to do is market research, meaning, seek validation to reinforce your campaign: talk to people, ask if they have suggestions or how it can improve. And the best places to gather this feedback are…

    1. Instagram, TikTok, or WhatsApp. The most well-known social media and messaging platforms are great places to find information; it’s not just about writing a post or publishing a page with your campaign: use the tools to create surveys, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of feedback you receive.

    2. LinkedIn. Your professional contacts will also be of great help in validating your crowdfunding campaign, especially if there are mentors among them. Share your idea, and besides collecting data, you’ll be making it known.

    1. FeedbackJack. Surveys are one of the best ways to get very precise opinions; with this tool, you just have to input the questions you want to ask and to which demographic group they are directed, and it will ensure that it reaches the right users (and provide a detailed report of the results).
    2. PickFu. On this site, entrepreneurs and crowdfunders can conduct market surveys through polls: ask simple questions to measure consumer interest and preferences, and this tool will send them to your target market. Afterward, it will start generating results. A plus: it’s very fast!
    3. SurveyMonkey. Online surveys with easily usable templates? Use this platform to ask your market what they think of your crowdfunding campaign and whether they are interested in what you offer. The tool will provide you with a link to send the survey and give you a detailed report of the results.

    And, of course… sign up for Santander X Explorer! Not only will you access a community of entrepreneurs of more than 10,000 people from 11 countries, but you’ll also get all the advantages of networking and validate your idea without risking anything.

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